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White label marketing 101

White Label Marketing 101: The Ultimate Guide

Today’s marketing approach is so much more than its humble roots in print ads, flashy advertising and PR stunts. If you’re struggling to drive and grow your agency, outsourcing your marketing efforts to a white label marketing agency could be the right thing to do. White label agency can help expand your service portfolio without the extra costs and investments that usually come with growth. But what exactly is a white label marketing agency and how can they benefit you and your business?

What Is a White Label Marketing Agency?

A white label marketing agency is a team of specialists that work under your brand to fulfill your services (i.e. digital marketing, SEO, reputation management, web design & development, ads, etc).

A partner firm such as yourlabel will work directly on behalf of a reseller (you), appearing to the outside world to be just another department of your company. White label marketing services are re-brandable and re-sellable. 

How Does White Label Marketing Work?

The reseller company will typically re-brand a white label marketing agency’s services as their own to their customers. The client relationship is kept with the reseller – your account managers, your billing department. The white label provider works in the background and even beside you as your team.

Typically, a white label marketing company will not impose how much you can re-sell these services for but it is always recommended that you try to stay competitive. Some providers will even recommend the suggested retail prices (SRPs) for your market.

What Companies Can Benefit From White Label Marketing Services?

Which white label marketing provider you choose to go with will depend on the type of services provided and which type of clients it will be suitable for. At yourlabel, our partner program is designed to work with agencies and clients of all sizes, from small businesses to some of the largest and most well-known organizations in Canada and the United States.

A white label marketing solution is perfect for your agency if you:
    • Are looking to offer new solutions to your customers.

    • Want to generate new revenue streams for your organization.

    • Are looking to keep your internal resources lean and reduce
      additional overhead costs.

    • Don’t want the headaches of hiring new employees and training them.

    • Want to grow at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Why White Label Marketing Is a Good Idea

There are lots of reasons to use white label marketing agencies, the main ones being expenses and expertise. Reputable white label marketing agencies have an entire team full of content creators, website designers and developers, bloggers, reputation management specialists, social media experts, graphic designers, and so much more.

When you outsource your workload, you allow your white label marketing provider to bring the expertise to the table and worry about the costs and headaches related to resourcing, while you stay focused on what you do best.

White label marketing services are re-brandable and re-sellable.


Advantages of Working With a Canadian White Label Marketing Agency 

The type of benefits a white label marketing agency provides will vary from company to company. See below what yourlabel can provide your agency with:


1.  Ability to Expand Your Company’s Services Quickly

It doesn’t matter if you are a start-up or are already an established agency, yourlabel can help you attract new customers quickly by providing training and marketing materials relevant to the new services you wish to resell.

We offer an exclusive sales support program to all yourlabel partners which allow for anyone in your organization to get personal sales support from our dedicated team of experts. Whether you need to discuss media planning strategies or need us to assist you virtually with your customer to answer questions, yourlabel is here to support you!


2. Generate a New Revenue Stream

Digital marketing is the new standard for any advertiser. Whether your customer needs to target Gen Z-ers or Baby Boomers, digital marketing will have solutions to target these audiences effectively and for a fraction of the cost of traditional media.

By outsourcing your marketing services there will be no development work, training, new costs for programs and software, along with employee recruitment. This means more profit and fewer headaches. Just the way your revenue streams should be!

Getting started with yourlabel is quick and easy, speak to one of our white label marketing consultants to learn how white labelling can help your organization.


3. Knowledgeable and Trained Marketing Experts

The marketing team at yourlabel goes through extensive training and coaching continuously to ensure they are providing top-notch service to your customers. We also employ multiple layers of management and oversight to ensure we are maintaining our standard of quality.


4. Local vs Overseas – the Difference in Quality

When it comes to hiring a white label marketing agency one of the most often overlooked criteria is whether that provider is local or overseas. Yes, there is a difference!

North American white label marketing providers understand your local market and can provide you with high-quality work while being in the same time zone or at least near it. No more calls at 1 am to discuss your projects with overseas teams!

Having a white label marketing partner that speaks your native language allows for better communication and fewer mistakes. We often hear the biggest challenge with overseas agencies is communication. Getting any task completed can be tedious and can be an extensive process. Mistakes can reflect poorly on the reseller which in turn affects their reputation.

Rest assured that with yourlabel, you get to work with a local Canadian white label marketing team overseeing and managing all your client projects.


5. Sales & Marketing Platform

When you partner with yourlabel you get access to our sales and marketing platforms, helping you stand out among the crowd with your own service platform. Built for your sales team and clients, our platform will allow your sales team to manage prospects, run snapshot reports to evaluate a prospect’s digital presence and stay on top of their sales funnel.

Our business center allows you to compete with the top brands that have their own dashboard to service clients. In our award-winning platform, customers are able to access products, stay on top of their digital presence, and get notified with relevant alerts related to their account.


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