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Top Digital Marketing Strategies for Beginners

One of the crucial actions you can take to expand your business is to increase its viability online. You will broaden the horizons of your business by improving your search engine ranking and creating an online brand. However, given all the possibilities, it’s normal for firms new to online marketing to be skeptical of the probability of a successful digital marketing strategy. Make sure you’re off to a good start before diving in and consider these suggestions to maximize your digital marketing strategy. Continue reading

Choosing The Best Social Media Platform For Your Brand

Social media platforms keep evolving well beyond being a breakout trend, to a mature marketing environment and don’t show any signs of slowing down. Just like game-changers, such was Snapchat or now TikTok, a new day can bring a new million-dollar idea that we didn’t even know we needed the day before.

The world of social media has grown so vast, from a time when it seemed like Facebook or bust, to now filled with sparkling new social platforms for every interest, idea or hobby.

The growing rabbit hole can make social media marketing look a little intimidating, because, well, where do you start? Continue reading

How a Bad Delivery Can Ruin Your Website’s Presentation

You open a page on your desktop, tablet, phone, TV, anything and you expect one thing across all of them to be the same: you see the information you want, right away.

This universal expectation can be the difference between someone staying on your website or someone leaving your website. How you handle the loading on certain content-rich sites can ensure that you retain visitors for longer periods of time despite the factor of having to load a LOT of information. Continue reading