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5 Things to Avoid While Reselling Hosting Services

A web hosting service is required to launch an online presence for every website or blog. With a strong internet presence, it’s getting easier and easier for companies or other entities to succeed in the market. Given this situation, the reseller hosting industry enhances your ability to fill the vacuum as a web provider.

Reseller hosting is popular with companies of all sizes for various reasons. It can be a helpful approach for digital marketing companies to diversify their revenue streams. Still, because it’s a challenging sector to navigate, we’ve identified these five frequent mistakes to avoid when reselling hosting services.


1. Making a Poor Upstream Host Selection

Your reseller performance impacts your parent host’s dependability and credibility. But how can you tell if the upstream host is trustworthy or not? Finding out the hosting company’s uptime rating is a brilliant place to start. Avoid anything with a score below 99.5%. A low uptime score can have unintended consequences, such as slowing your client’s website.


2. Unreliable or slow customer service.

Although it is not required, it is generally a good idea for resellers to have internal customer support. Poor or delayed customer service can harm client relationships. Don’t just rely on the help provided by the parent host if you want a lasting relationship with your clientele. The internal customer service team can serve as a liaison between your client and the upstream host, allowing quicker problem resolution.


3. Neglecting Marketing & Branding Efforts while reselling hosting

You must develop a strong branding and marketing plan to become a reseller. Since hosting is a highly competitive industry, branding is significant from a visibility standpoint. Utilize social media to promote your resale company. To fully advertise your company, consider employing brand management and marketing experts.


4. Lack of customizable hosting packages

Every company or client has unique needs, and the quantity of bandwidth and disk space makes a difference in web hosting. Keep in mind each business owner’s needs as you customize the packages as a reseller.

There are primarily two approaches to positioning yourself well in the market. Either provide hosting that is less expensive than what your competitors offer or position yourself as the more costly hosting reseller. The latter could entail offering more significant resources, creating distinctive features, or offering better customer service.


5. Missing out on customer satisfaction

The majority of IT organizations or design firms use reseller web hosting as a way to increase their income. Customer satisfaction is a crucial factor that will determine the direction of your resale business if you want to succeed in selling web hosting, even though this is why most organizations set up a hosting service.

Recognize what your consumers want in advance to avoid these problems with web hosting services. Consider doing a quick poll in the reseller and web hosting communities to learn how these industries are changing to resale what you want to the appropriate customer and segment these customers.

Choosing the right hosting provider as a reseller is essential to the success of your enterprise. You can give your new venture the best chance of success by locating a provider that delivers the qualities your industry requires.