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Facebook Marketing for the Holiday Season

Holiday season is here! It’s time to put your best foot forward, rethink your holiday marketing strategies and step up your Facebook marketing game. Below are a bunch of great tips on how to use Facebook marketing effectively and get the most out of your Facebook campaign this season. Take advantage of opportunities to gain more reach, engagement, fan acquisition, email subscriptions, feedback and much, much more!


Match Your Company’s Facebook Page Theme to The Company’s Website Theme

Update your Facebook Page’s display and cover photo to match the holiday theme of your website.


Post about featured services

If it’s a good time for you to get in the holiday spirit, it’s a good time for your clients as well. Take this opportunity to showcase some services you offer and advertise how they can benefit your clients over the holiday season


Offer relevant holiday marketing tips

For example, for clients that sell clothing, offer tips on sales for “the perfect pair of shoes for a loved one.”


Sneak peeks at upcoming holiday offers

Make your Facebook community eager to check your Facebook Page by posting about upcoming offers there first!


Holiday greetings

A simple ‘Happy Holidays’ invokes a warm and happy feeling among your community.


Invoke Nostalgia

Create a post that makes your followers remember and reminisce about what the holidays were like when they were a kid. It could be the hottest toy of that year, a popular holiday event, movies, and more.


Share Viral Videos

See any funny, emotional or thought-provoking holiday videos that could be relevant for your business? Share them to your Page! Look for videos with lots of existing engagement (Likes, comments and shares) and views.


Post exclusive offers

Make your Facebook fans feel special by offering something special like a Facebook-exclusive coupon.


Charitable Initiatives

Talk about a charitable event your company is hosting or participating in, donations made, or an offer where a portion of a purchase goes to a charitable cause. Also, don’t forget those photos!


Run a Holiday Fan Acquisition Contest

Run a holiday-themed contest with the objective of building your fan base and Page audience. Contest entries could be Facebook Page Likes, Twitter follows, Instagram follows email subscription signups … and more. Offer an incentive to those who share your content with others. This could be in the form of extra entries or a coupon. There is a broad range of apps that can help you with running contests.