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5 Warning Signs of a Poor-quality White label Agency

When we initially start working with a white-label agency (or any other service provider, for that matter), we have high expectations of excellent service, a superior product, and an overall positive connection. And most of the time, the agencies provide you with exceptional services.

But what if everything isn’t perfect, and you believe your provider is falling short? The trick is knowing whether the agreement needs some tweaks to get back on track or if it’s time to call it quits. Here are five red flags that your agency isn’t up to par.


Your white label agency is not delivering what you paid for

Your agency should be able to provide a detailed breakdown of predicted costs and stick to the budget. If costs surpass what was initially agreed upon, they should contact you immediately and offer you an estimate of how much the budget must be expanded. If, on the other hand, you’re only getting invoices with little to no idea of what the hours are for, it’s time to look for another agency. An unimpeachable billing procedure doesn’t have to be negotiated.

Your agency should be able to meet, if not exceed, your expectations almost all the time. It should take the form of excellent deliverables that fully embrace your brand and market position, with a level of excellence worthy of mention. If it feels the other way around, it probably is.


Your Projects Don’t Stay on Track

Projects will experience delays or genuine reasons for not being completed on time. But, if this becomes a regular occurrence, we have a problem. If your white-label agency consistently pushing dates back isn’t due to a lack of responsiveness or delayed client approvals, it means you are depending on an unreliable staff. Most of us can’t afford project delays due to the breakneck pace at which we all appear to be moving these days. You have the right to hold someone accountable for their obligations; if they aren’t meeting them consistently, it’s time to reassess.


Lack of Clear and Proactive Communication between your white label agency and you

Your marketing partner should provide proactive insight into how things are going and alert you to any challenges they may be experiencing. It can be a weekly or quarterly review; in either case, you should have the impression that your marketing partner is forthright and transparent about what is and isn’t being completed. If they are a genuinely excellent partner, you will notice that they will perhaps take the progress even further by connecting marketing actions and outcomes to the company goals and providing strategic insight on how they may assist you in advancing the firm.


Your white-label agency doesn’t have your best interest in mind

What does your agency do when a project experiences difficulties or challenges or goes off track? Do they make a series of justifications about the problems or hurdles that prevented them from delivering? Or do they discuss the challenges and the game plan for dealing with them before putting that plan into action? Many companies will tell you how much they care about their customers and always do the right thing. The proof, however, is not in what they say but in what they do.


Your white label agency is not a strategic partner

Your marketing firm should come to the table eager to learn and have a decent understanding of your business in a reasonable time so that they can contribute not only tactical execution but also strategy. They’re doing something wrong if they don’t have adequate knowledge of your business within a month or two.

There are many excellent marketing firms available and some that are not. If the person you’re working with isn’t meeting your expectations, it’s time to reconsider your deal. In other circumstances, a simple sit-down to determine what needs to be done to improve the relationship works. However, if your agency exhibits more than one of the five warning signals or is unwilling to change despite discussions, it’s time to shop around