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Publish and distribute Press Releases, get your clients in front of 30,000 major news sites, 250,000 subscribers and as many as 30,000 bloggers and journalists.

Our premium press releases writing and distribution services is the easiest way for a business to boost branding online, gain links and earn visibility on major news sites. We will draft and distribute your client's press release using PRweb's Premium Package which includes access to premier Canadian and USA news outlets like the Google News, Yahoo News, New York Times, Reuters, Associated Press, USA Today, Yahoo Finance and more. Premium PR distribution also provides the option to include a branded YouTube video, attachments, images and links, to boost engagement and encourage audiences to share your client's news. 


  • PR Strategy Planning - we create customized strategies that target the specific audiences who want to hear your message. Our press release distribution channels include the ability to target specific industries and topics that would be interested in your news

  • Full Editorial Support - we make it easy for you to craft a relevant news release that includes images and a video so that your story can be found by those interested in your clients' products, services, or brands. We draft your press release in consultation with you and/or your client, and ensure that content meets the requirements for maximum online distribution.

  • Premium Distribution Service - we use CISION / PRweb premium distribution service which delivers press releases to a platform of 30,000 major news sites, 250,000 subscribers, and as many as 30,000 bloggers and journalists. Press releases are also hosted on, which itself ranks on the 1st page of major search engines, and receives over 3 million visitors every month.

  • Measurable Success Metrics & Reports - get detailed press release analytics and reports on the life-cycle of press release distribution including headline impressions, full release reads, release interactions, and links to all the online sites that have picked-up the press release and are hosting it on their website.

Frequently Asked Questions for PR Writing & Distribution

What qualifies as a good topic for a press release?
Press releases must be newsworthy and timely announcements about a business or brand, such as a new website, product, service, research publication, award or honor, upcoming or past event, sale or promotion, new hire or other significant business changes.
How long is a typical Press Release?
Press releases can range from 300 - 500 words and may include text links to relevant information on the brand's website (to a maximum of 1 hyperlink per 100 words).
Should a video be included with the press release?
Online audiences enjoy content in varied forms. Including a branded video will achieve greater online visibility and pickup.
How often should a brand publish press releases?
Issuing frequent press releases should be a part of any business marketing plan, the more press releases distributed, the more visible a brand will be come online.
Is there an SEO benefit to press releases?
The short answer is yes. One goal of SEO is to capitalize on the real estate located on the 1st page of search results. Online news networks (and PRWeb itself) inherently have good search engine rankings, therefore increasing the chance that a brand's press release will rank well in search results when related search terms are queried. The result is that a brand can rank multiple times, with search results including direct links to their website, as well as links to relevant brand news releases.
Do press releases increase back links to a business website?
One of the benefits of PRWeb is that news reaches a large community journalists, bloggers, news sites, and more. When a press release is picked up by an online network and hosted on their site, this will lead to more traffic to the brand website, and an increase in original, relevant links, thereby boosting a brands search engine ranking.