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Tap into a new source of leads

Live chat not only offers a more convenient, immediate route of customer service, it also provides a more comfortable contact option for customers who are less likely to call or email.

Your own dedicated 24/7 live chat agents!

Live Chat allows you to increase your lead conversion and provide a human representative to phone-shy customers by sending them with a non-intrusive chat invitation upon opening your website.

Customers who respond to this invitation will be connected with a live chat agent who is experienced in converting potential leads or will otherwise provide basic support.

Agents can even initiate a “Call Connect” with the customer, directly connecting them by phone to your business

The base package includes:

  • Set Up (Q&A for agents, installing chat widget on your website, livechat design set up).
  • Up to 5 sales leads per month (includes unlimited service chats).
  • Option to buy more lead packs available.


Key Selling Points for Live Chat - Concierge

  • Dedicated agents for your business available 24/7
  • Features “Call Connect” system to allow leads to be connected directly with your business over the phone
  • Non-intrusive chat installed with a simple JavaScript code placed on every page you want the chat available on
  • Maximizes lead generation by providing a live customer representative at any time, even when your business is closed
  • Pay Per Lead – We only charge for qualified leads which are sent to you – no minimum recurring charge or long-term contract
  • Detailed lead information is sent to you by email
  • Various customization options to ensure the chat window matches your website

Frequently Asked Questions for Live Chat - Concierge

How do I get the leads?
Leads are sent to you by email, and, if the visitor is willing, through a live call connect. The email will contain a complete transcript of the conversation they had with the agent, and all contact information they gave.
What is a live call connect?
We ask the chat visitor for the phone number where they can currently be reached. Our chat agent enters that number into our system which places an outbound call to their phone. When they answer they will hear this text-to-speech message: “Connecting you to [Name of Company], please hold.” At the same time our system places an outbound call to your office. Whoever answers the phone on your end will receive this text-to-speech message: “Connecting potential chat customer. please hold.” The caller ID number that shows up on your phone will always come from a 925 area code, indicating a chat call is coming in.
Do I need to be online for the chat to run?
You do not need to be available for the live chat service to run. The chat is operated by several trained chat representatives who are versed in key information about your business, and are ready to convert visitors into leads.
Which leads am I charged for?
You are only charged for qualified leads who are interested in your services and within your service area. “Service requests”, such as existing client questions, people not interested in your service, out of area, or asking simple questions (e.g. if one of your employees are available that day) are completely FREE.